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The upcoming Dubrovnik EXPO 23, organized by the Center for Youth Careers Dubrovnik (CKM Dubrovnik), is set to take place on October 26th and 27th at the Student Center in Dubrovnik. This event, designed to promote entrepreneurship and offer career guidance to young individuals, brings together a vast array of opportunities for both personal and professional growth. Last year's event saw the engagement of 28 higher education institutions, showcasing their programs to over 3,300 final-year students from 58 high schools across Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event featured specialized zones like the EXPO zone, EU zone, Gastro zone, and Chill zone, attracting representatives from 20 Regional Competence Centers.

Anticipated to be even more impactful this year, Dubrovnik EXPO 23 is expected to draw final-year students not only from Croatia but also from the broader regions of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The EU zone will be a notable highlight, with representatives from various European institutions, including the European Parliament office in Croatia and the European Commission office in Croatia.

Supported by key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of International and EU Affairs, Croatian Employment Center, the event will host prominent figures like Vice President of the European Commission, Ms. Dubravka Suica, for a panel discussion on the second day.

This year's expo is expected to host over 3,500 students, 26 higher education institutions, 70 high schools, 16 public institutions, 20 regional centers of competencies, and 24 companies. The aim is to provide a platform for young individuals to explore educational opportunities and gain insights into potential career paths.

In June 2023, Halle, Germany became the meeting point for a two-day gathering of partners from various European countries including Norway, Finland, Ireland, and Croatia. The event was a monumental occasion, bringing everyone together to focus on significant educational projects.

Finalising WP2 Starter Kit
The meeting started with an in-depth discussion on the WP2 Starter Kit, a crucial package designed to pave the way for its application in classrooms. Partners shared updates and set out a concrete plan to test the kit with both teachers and students. The goal was simple: ensure the Starter Kit serves its purpose effectively. Every partner played a key role in giving shape to this final version, making it a well-rounded initiative.

WP3 Teaching and Learning Programme Workshop
We then moved on to a workshop focusing on the WP3 Teaching and Learning Programme. It was an interactive session where every partner actively contributed ideas, shared expertise, and discussed implementation strategies. The collective brainpower in the room made it evident that this programme is well on its way to making a real impact.

Dining and Culture
Apart from the work, the gathering was also an opportunity to enjoy the delightful local cuisine and culture. A wonderful lunch and an evening meal allowed for casual conversations and team bonding. The relaxed atmosphere set the perfect backdrop for a successful collaboration.

A Glimpse of Halle
Our excellent hosts at The Vision Works didn't just stop at providing us a space for the meeting. They also organised a local tour of Halle. Partners got the chance to learn about the rich history and culture of the city, adding an educational and enjoyable twist to the trip.

In conclusion, the partner meeting in Halle was not just a get-together but a milestone in true collaboration. As we move forward, these connections will serve to make our projects even more effective, bringing quality education to the forefront.

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